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          Welcome to Zhejiang ProvinceRuian Jingda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.!


          National free service hotline


          JR1200current location:homeJR1200


          Provide advice, safety, reliability, and operation.

          The precision of the equipment and design is that the machine is more durable.

          Downtime and waste reduction ensure cost effectiveness.

          High quality tension control.

          Accurate version without stopping the machine, the overprint is accurate ±0.1mm.

          The ink fountain is unique in design and can be used to print water-based inks and oil-based inks.

          Washable, no fading.

          It is very easy to replace the printing drums of different sizes. The ink fountains and the web rollers can be replaced at any time according to the requirements. The textile accessories, washing labels, paper and various roll paper materials can be printed.

          It is printed in four reverses, and the printing effect is bright and bright enough to be white enough.

          The main technical parameters:

          Front color group 4 colors

          Reverse printing group 1 color

          Maximum printing length 254MM

          Minimum printing length 127MM

          Maximum printing width 120MM

          Maximum printing speed 70M/MIN

          Discharge/receipt diameter 350MM

          Power supply 220V 50/60HZ

          Power 6.7KW

          Weight: 800KGS

          Size: 180x75x200CM

          .Provide simple, safe, reliable operation.
          .Precision equipment and design programs that make the machines more durable.
          .Down time and waste reduction to ensure less cost-effectiveness.
          .High-qualily tension regulation.
          .Non-stop machine on precise color registration, the precision of overprint reach土0.1mm.
          .Duct unique designs can be printed of oily based-ink and water base-ink.
          .Higher strong washing fastness.
          .Can be very easily change difference size printing cylinder,
          and can be change the difference spec ink duct and anilox roller.
          Texile accp-ccor1es,grment label,paper,all kindes of rolls paper and etc.

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