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          Welcome to Zhejiang ProvinceRuian Jingda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.!


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          JR1200current location:homeJR1200

          JR-242 flexographic trademark printing machine

          JR-242 Flexo Label Printing Machine


          Provides easy, safe, reliable, and operational methods.

          Accurate equipment and design make the machine more durable.

          Downtime and waste reduction ensure cost effectiveness.

          High quality tension control.

          Accurate calibration without stopping the machine, accurate accuracy of overprinting ±0.1mm,

          Ink fountain is uniquely designed to print water and oily inks.

          Washable, no fading.

          Different sizes can be selected for the corresponding print roll.

          A wide range of printing, can be woven accessories, washing labels, paper. And a variety of paper materials for printing.

          The main technical parameters

          Front color group4Colours
          Back color group2Colours
          Large print length400mm
          Small print length190mm
          Large print width180mm
          Printing speed100m/min
          Discharge/receipt diameter400mm
          power supply38OV 50/60Hz
          Size (length x width x height)220x85x180cm


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