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          Welcome to Zhejiang ProvinceRuian Jingda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.!


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          Four color trademark offset press

          ★Product advantages

          1 Using two ink and one water supply unit, the ink balance can be achieved in a very short time;

          2. Unique mounting structure makes the plate loading convenient and quick;

          3 satellite design, reducing test materials;

          4 using automatic on-water ink system;

          5 using PS version of the network point high definition, high reduction rate;

          6 can be printed in four colors. It can also be printed in three reverses, the effect is clear and bright;

          7. High-precision manufacturing and design solutions make the machine easy and convenient to operate.

          In recent years, the market competition has become hot, and many printing trademarks cannot improve their competitiveness. Due to changes in the market, our company has developed and launched over the years. The world's first 4-color cloth offset printing press, the solution of which uses the PS version of high-circle-cost low-cost printing, breaks through the high-demand trademarks that cannot be printed in the market. To make the industry enter a new milestone and apply for inventions and new types of patents.

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