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          CHINA PRINT 2009 (exhibition plan)

          The Seventh Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

          Start Date 12,MAY,2009 End Date 16,MAY,2009

          VenueCity / StateCountry
          New China International Exhibition Center

          Event Profile:
          The 7th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition is the leading specialized printing exhibition in China & it has continuously helped to develop higher standards in the printing industry. Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition 2009 will use all halls of new exhibition venue, occupying a total show area of 120,000?O. It is estimated that over 1,000 exhibitors would participate in the exhibition, attracting over 160,000 visitors to attend.


          Visitor's Profile:
          The show delivers qualified buyers of Prepress Equipment, Digital Image Capture Equipment, Digital and Traditional Presses, Wide Format Inkjet Printers, Bindery and Finishing Equipment, Converting Equipment and Supplies, Media and Substrates, Chemicals & Supplies, Services to the Trade.


          Exhibitor's Profile:
          Prepress System, Plate Making Equipment, Digital Printing Equipment, Offset Printing Equipment, Label, Flexo and Gravure Printing Equipment, Screen Printing and Special Printing Equipment, Ink Jet Printing, Advertising Production Technology and Equipment, Package Printing Equipment, Paper Converting, Binding and Package Production Equipment, Processing, Packaging and Finishing Equipment, Printing Consumables, Instrument and Measurement.

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          If you need more about the information of CHINA PRINT 2009 EXHIBITION ,please visit WEBSITE: http://www.chinaprint.com.cn

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