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          .Provide simplesafe, reliable operation.

          .Precision equipment and design programs that make the machines more durable.

          .Down time and waste reduction to ensure less cost effectiveness.

          .High-quality tension regulation.

          .Non-stop machine on precise color registration, the precision of overprint reach 10.1 mm.

          .Duct unique designs can be printed oily based-ink and water base-ink.

          .Higher strong washing fastness.

          .Can be very easily change difference size prirnting cylinder, and can be change the

          difference spec ink duct and anilox roller.

          .Textile accessories, garment label, paper, all kinds of rolls paper and etc.

          .Front four colors (single side), printing front three colors, back one color,color and lustre is bright beautiful for better result and printing better black and better white.

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